The Peel Parenting Collective (PPC) is an innovative collaboration of parenting agencies, government agencies, nonprofits, parents, and businesses working together to better support families in Peel. Our members openly share with each other information, knowledge, resources, and expertise, all for the purpose of achieving our vision - "Thriving Families".

Our extensive research shows that Family Communication is critical to the well-being and positive outcomes of families - such as increased levels of confidence, social support, and parenting skill, as well as decreased levels of parental stress. In other words, we feel that positive family communication is the foundation of every thriving family.

Our partners have collaborated on a project promoting positive family communication - the PPC "Have A Conversation" poster. The poster contains several strategies on how to have positive conversations. However, the most interesting aspect of this poster is that it was co-created by all of our partners as well as local community stakeholders - meaning that the content in the posters not only came from social service professionals, but also from parent networks in local communities. By involving them in the process, we can ensure that the poster contains the most relevant, credible, and up-to-date conversation strategies. Click here to view our "Have A Conversation" poster. If you are interested in having a "Have A Conversation" poster made specifically for your community, please contact us.

We're always seeking more members that can help out in the cause. We would welcome more members from the following groups:

  • Parents
  • Friends and Family of Parents
  • Parenting Agencies
  • Local Businesses
  • Schools
  • Faith Groups
  • Government Agencies
  • Nonprofits
  • Community-focused Corporations